Delanie “Avis Doubleu” West


Meet Black Girls RUN! Creative Director Delanie West

Brand Builder. Designer. Product Developer. Creative Director.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve always expressed my creativity, even before I realized that I could make a living doing it. My mother is a creative soul, and always kept me immersed in art and culture from a young age. I was enrolled in a gifted and talented school and studied music, humanities, photography and industrial design before I started high school. I’m originally from Columbia, South Carolina, but moved to New Jersey in 1983. Exposure to the mix of culture and access to incredible cultural and art resources in the New York City area has definitely had and continues to have tremendous influence on me as a creative.

From where do you draw your inspiration?
I’m a sucker for aesthetic harmonies, there’s something arresting about a visual that can change your emotional state. I believe there is beauty in everything. I’m inspired especially by women who have monetized their creative talents; I don’t think there’s anything better than the ability to earn a living doing what you absolutely love.

Which creative disciplines do you practice?

Although my training was in the graphic arts, my trade evolved during my time working in product development. Those initial skills have evolved into a mix of creative, marketing and sales specialties.

Some of the most rewarding work of my career has been with Black Girls RUN!. This project integrates my love of the active life with a movement that has a purpose and energy I’ve always believed in. Working with Toni and Ashley and collaborating with the HQ team is always yields a great experience.

Delanie serves as the Creative Director at Black Girls RUN and iHome / SDI Technologies. She is also creative consultant to several startups and established brands. In addition to design and development for Black Girls RUN! Her work can also be found at a broad range of mass-market retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, Michael’s and the Apple Store in the forms of creative and innovative products for household brand names. Delanie’s style signatures are vibrant color, balanced aesthetics and crisp iconography.

Delanie West of Delanie West Design / @ delaniewest is an award winning designer & creative director, with a career emphasis on product and brand development for creative consumer products. The designer credited for developing several “firsts”, several of which have all grown to a multi-million dollar categories within the stationery & craft industry, is also the creative director behind the world’s first mass marketed, and category evolving three dimensional embellishment stationery line. Many of her established processes are now standard mainstays in the development processes for stationery and craft industries.

More about Delanie West at
@delaniewest @twitter

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